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Time Affluence

    How would you feel if you were just told that you won the lottery? Surprised, scared, elated, ecstatic. A million thoughts would probably flow through your mind. What should I do? What should I buy? Well, CONGRATULATIONS are in order! You, and everyone else on planet earth experiencing the covid-19 pandemic, have just become time affluent. Time affluence is the newfound ability to do things you have always wanted to pursue, yet never seemed to have the time to do. Due to the closure of all things social, we have been gifted hours and hours of time. We’ve won the most sought after gift, the gift of time! However, with great gifts, comes great responsibility. In the words of William Penn, “Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst.” How will you spend your time affluence?     We’ve all heard stories of lottery winners who suddenly go bankrupt. Their loot seems to slip through their fingers. They squander their money buying worthless material things leaving themselves destitute and depressed. Not a dime was invested or used wisely. Similarly, those who squander their time affluence suffer the same fate. Will these people use their time watching news on an incessant loop? Perhaps these people will scroll mindlessly through social media. Will they troll twitter spewing negative chatter into the ether? Will they use substances to numb themselves in hopes of making time move faster? Will they engage in toxic behaviors? These things are needlessly sapping time affluence causing your relationships and mental health to suffer.     Someone once said, “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” We all have an opportunity to use our time affluence productively. It is imperative that we choose our activities and actions wisely. How can we use our time affluence to its fullest potential? Each person has their own unique answer to this question, but keep in mind that the way we spend our time defines who we are. What fills you up? What makes you happy? What is something you’ve always wanted to try? Take an online class, read a novel, write a novel, learn to meditate, practice yoga, paint, journal, craft, cook, dance, woodwork, rearrange furniture, blog, vlog, record your story, learn a language, learn photography, keep a routine, change your routine, learn about you, organize, explore online museums, sing, listen to inspirational podcasts, make a podcast, write letters, etc. Whatever it may be, make sure you are learning from it, enjoying it, and growing from it in order to successfully spend your time affluence.     Perhaps the most time affluent individuals not only fill themselves up with enriching activities, but share it as well. The absolute greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Share your artwork, publish your book, teach that class (online), tell your family you love them, be kind to people (6 feet away). As the great Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Once again fellow earthlings, CONGRATULATIONS on your huge windfall. Please make sure you spend it wisely!

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