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The Toxic Relationship Self Help Solution

Healing from a toxic relationship is possible!  With the proper support, guidance, and tools you can free yourself from unhealthy relationships.  Many times this pattern of toxicity spills over from childhood, which ultimately impacts our current relationships and styles of communication.  Behaviors that once protected you as a child, may no longer serve you.  Breaking free from these destructive patterns is the truest form of self-love.  As malleable children, we adapt to our emotionally harmful, unsafe, and sometimes dangerous home lives because we have no other choice.  To a typically developing egocentric child, it make sense to them that every child grows up the same way as they are being raised.  They do not yet have the ability to fully understand their predicament.  This child develops maladaptive coping mechanisms in order to survive within the toxicity surrounding them.  The maladaptive behaviors or coping mechanisms could include anything that distracts the child from his or her reality or makes them feel safe. What we learned as children in order to survive in a toxic household ultimately is carried over into adulthood.  These adults may experience anxiety and depression, doubt their intuitions, doubt their emotions, and doubt their reality.  For some adults it is imperative to break contact with their toxic past in order to move forward.  When there is no other choice and all other routes have been exhausted, cutting ties may be the only way to foster and nurture your mental health.

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